As soon as I heard about the world’s highest commercial bridge bungee jump I knew it had to be on my list of must-do adventure activities during our Garden Route motorcycle tour. Standing 216 meters high (708 feet), South Africa’s Bloukrans Bridge bungee jump with Face Adrenalin was one of the most terrifying and thrilling things I have ever done. After eight seconds of free fall, I experienced a feeling of elation so high all I wanted to do was strap back up and jump again.

For my fellow adrenalin junkies out there, I guarantee this is an adventure you won’t want to pass up while visiting Tsitsikamma on the Garden Route. Full body adrenaline rush after my Bloukrans Bridge bungee jump in South Africa

5 Reasons Why You Should Bungy Jump Bloukrans Bridge

#1 – There’s No Rush Like It

I’ve signed up for some pretty adventurous activities in my day and my bungee at Bloukrans Bridge is hands down the most insane rush.

#2 – Face Adrenaline Platform Crew 

That ball of nerves that builds to watermelon size during your walk from Cliffhanger Restaurant to the platform is instantly put to ease when the staff in red kick up the music and start the dance party. From the first jumper to the last, staff and bungee fools alike are cheering, shouting and shaking it like a polaroid picture to keep the nerves down and the adrenaline up. It’s thanks to the encouragement and support of the platform crew that a few of my fellow jumpers actually took the plunge.

#3 – Perfect Safety Record

This one is a high priority for anyone considering bungee. Face Adrenaline, the sole company allowed to operate on Bloukrans Bridge, has a 100% no fatality safety record for 25 years running…

#4 – Pendulum Bungee Technology

The bungee is rigged so that the cord attaches to the back of the bridge and loops under to the jump platform. So when you jump the cord pulls you out of free-fall into a smooth pendulum swing rather than a jerky up and down. I hardly felt the recoil.

#5 – You’ll Regret It If You Don’t

Just ask Meghan…. biggest regret of our travels so far missing out on the jump. It may be the priciest one-minute of your life but definitely worth the experience.

Don't look down while walking the catwalk on Bloukrans BridgeTips for Your Bungee Adventure

Book ahead: You get a few dollars discount for pre-booking and will ensure your jump slot time since it can be fully booked during high season.

Dress sensibly: We saw people wearing everything from short shorts to sandals and spaghetti strap tops but personally I’d recommend long pants, closed toed shoes and a shirt that will keep it all in. It also can get a bit windy and cold up there so if you are thin blooded you can bring a warmer top and leave it on the bridge during your jump.

Achieve your best jump results: A lot will be racing through your head when your feet reach the edge of the platform but do your best to jump higher and further out (as opposed to just falling off) for a better jump and bigger bounce and swing at the end.

Smile for the camera: With nerves as high as they are it is easy to forget that multiple cameras are aimed at your face capturing every second of your experience. Not to mention a live video feed is being broadcast in the Cliffhanger Restaurant for all to see. Try your best to have fun with it and be a little goofy (as opposed to weepy) – you can buy the video as a souvenir after your jump.

Plan to stick around and enjoy the entertainment: Now that you’ve survived your jump you can relax again. The Cliffhanger Restaurant is the perfect spot for some food and good old fashioned afternoon entertainment watching other jumpers. The room has televisions on multiple walls screening real-time videos of the jump platform.

The highest commercial bungee jump in the world, Bloukrans Bridge in South AfricaHow to Get to Bloukrans Bridge & Face Adrenalin

Bloukrans Bridge is most easily reached by self-drive car or motorcycle. Coming from the east, you can reach Bloukrans Bridge on the N2 40-kilometers east of Plettenberg Bay. You will have to go through the Tsitsikamma tollgate (Cost: 43 Rand, US$2.75) 3 kilometers before you reach Bloukrans Bridge. Drive past the bridge 500 meters and turn left at the road sign “Tsitsikamma Khoisan Village/Bungy Jumping.” Not on a self-drive? Once you get dropped by BazBus, hire a taxi in Plettenberg Bay to drive you the 40km to Bloukrans Bridge.

If you are coming from Port Elizabeth on the N2, Bloukrans Bridge is 20 km west of the Storms River Bridge. Turn right at the “Tsitsikamma Khoisan Village/Bungy Jumping sign” just before the bridge.

If you are short on time but determined to jump the world’s highest commercial bungee while in Cape Town, contact the Bungy Bus for overnight roundtrip transport options to and from Bloukrans Bridge.


Our Bloukrans bungee jump group and crew If You Go: Bloukrans Bridge Bungee

What: Brave the highest commercial bridge bungee jump in the world. Standing at 216 meters (708 feet) Bloukrans Bridge in Nature Valley, South Africa is guaranteed to give you the adrenaline rush of a lifetime.

Where: Bloukrans Bridge is located on the N2 in the Tsitsikamma region of the Garden Route in Western Cape, South Africa. 

When: Bloukrans Bridge can be bungeed daily between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm. It is suggested that you book well in advance to ensure your jump spot, especially during peak season (December-January).

How: Contact Face Adrenalin at +27 (0)42 281 1458 (booking office) and +27 (0)71 248 5959 (Bloukrans) or

Cost: 850 Rand (US$54) if booked in advance, 890 Rand (US$57) if booked on site. Jump price does not include professional photos (200 Rand) and video (300 Rand) provided on an 8G USB which can be purchased for a combined price of 400 Rand (US$26) after the jump.

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