“Que tu recomiendas?”

Perhaps not the most eloquent way of asking for food recommendations but given Adam and I’s limited knowledge of the Spanish language, it seemed to do the trick.  The very friendly Colombian waitress and co-owner Jeannette nodded with a smile and pointed at two items side by side on the menu.  “Muy delicioso!” she exclaimed and that was all we needed to hear. We’d take one of each.La Tartine - Bogota (1 of 4) May 15

Tartines at La Tartine

We weren’t even really sure what a tartine was when Pascal set our plates of french deliciousness down in front of us.  Basically an open faced-sandwhich, La Tartine served theirs with cold potatoes, a small green salad and delicious bread and dip.

The clear winner of the meal was Adam’s Tartine de lomo de res con salsa pimento (open-faced sirloin steak sandwich with pimento sauce).

My dish was a close second – the Tartine de Jamon Paris casera gratinada queso Paipa (open-faced ham sandwich with homemade cheese gratin).  Pascal excitedly told us about “his jamon” but we couldn’t decifer enough of what he was saying to know whether he actually raised the pig or just butchered it.  Either way, it was excellent.

La Tartine - Bogota (3 of 4) May 15

La Tartine - Bogota (2 of 4) May 15 La Tartine - Bogota (4 of 4) May 15



Location: La Tartine, Calle 12 # 3-88, La Candelaria Centro Historico, Bogota, Colombia

Cost: 50,600 COP ($21.60 USD) – We splurged a bit on this meal but it was a lunch/dinner combo and our main activity for the day since I wasn’t feeling well.

Recommendation: Whatever Chef Pascal suggests, but definitely try the Tartine de lomo de res con salsa pimento (Adam’s dish)

Bold Flavors at La Tartine
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