After watching Anthony Bourdain visit La Puerta Falsa on No Reservations, we couldn’t resist stopping by ourselves for a late afternoon bite. 

The restaurant was small but cozy, with only a few full tables of seating on the second floor.  The menu, only posted on the wall as you walk up the stairs, consists of a short but well recommended list of plates including the Colombian favorite Chocolate Completo (hot chocolate to dip your cheese and bread into).  We’re planning on making a return trip to try this one.  

TamalesTamales - Bogota

First, we had to try the tamales steamed in banana leaves.  There is only one type of tamale at La Puerta Falsa – chicken leg and pork fat in a creamy rice and corn meal mixture.  There was no heat to it and perhaps a little too much rice/corn to meat ratio but overall the flavors were delicious.

AjiacoAjiaco - Bogota

Ajiaco is a popular traditional dish in Bogota and the Andean region.  It consists of a creamy chicken soup with several kinds of potatoes and corn and is flavored with the distinctive guasca, an herb grown throughout South America.   We didn’t know it at the time but we were meant to add the capers and cream before eating.  It is also served with rice and avocado.  This dish cost considerably more than the rest of the menu (18,500COP) for reasons we are still unsure of but was on our must-try list before leaving Colombia.  We both thought it was good and liked the new flavor combinations.


Location: La Puerta Flasa, Calle 11 # 6-50, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Cost: 28,500COP ($11.63) for one tamale, one bowl of ajiaco and two bottles of water

Tamales & Ajiaco at La Puerta Falsa
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